2-Day Basics Revision

The purpose of this course is to ensure maintaining the quality of our practitioners’ work, by revising the most important procedures from the Bowen repertoire - the basic procedures. These procedures, taught from Modules 1 to 6, can address up to 75-80% of the conditions the patients presents with and are the foundation of the Bowen Technique.

Moreover, Bowen practitioners can successfully address most acute conditions / emergencies, so we gather in this course a few useful approaches for such situations: any viral infection (including Covid-19, flu or colds), asthma attack / crisis, gall bladder crisis, kidney colic and extra moves on the adrenal glands, emergency or shock moves, severe Lumbago in crisis, acute headaches, constipation, heart conditions and diabetes, with extra moves from Masters procedures.

We believe that this course will bring value to our practitioners’ work, reinforcing their knowledge and increasing their success rate.

C.E.U. points: 16

Qualifications: Professional Therapists’ Course (P.T.C.) graduates

For registration, please contact your local Bowtech office